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SOURCE is the only product that works by activating existing soil microbes, providing crops with an extra 25 lbs of nitrogen and phosphorus per acre. With a no-hassle application, it’s designed to be simple to use and easy to store.

Throw it in your tank, head into the field and benefit from improved nutrient uptake leading to healthier plants, healthier soil and a healthier ROI.

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The soil activator that provides 25 lbs N + 25 lbs P per acre

It’s like caffeine for microbes

SOURCE works in the soil to improve nutrient availability. It mimics a plant signal that activates nitrogen-fixing bacteria and phosphate-solubilizing microbes. 

The result is more macro and micronutrient availability leading to healthier, more productive plants.

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    Industry-leading performance guarantees

  • Soil health made easy

    Tank-mix compatible, shelf stable

  • Available Across the U.S.

    Use on corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton, alfalfa & grass hay

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