CropLife Webinar with Sound Agriculture: Leveraging Your Soil Microbiome to Optimize Inputs

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Thursday, January 20, 2022 | 2:00 PM EST

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With mounting instability in the fertilizer market this season, growers’ jobs are harder than ever. While those in the industry work to secure affordable nutrients, growers can also take advantage of nutrients that are already stored in the soil. One sure-fire option to increase nutrient uptake is cultivating a healthy soil microbiome. With increasing prices and supply shortages on the horizon this season, it’s time to focus on the soil and invest time in proven strategies to get more nutrients to the crop. This webinar will help you learn how to wake up the soil’s microbiome in order to maximize profits and take back control.

  • Discover new ways to stimulate healthy, active soil microbes to improve nutrient efficiency and maximize yields.
  • Learn the latest easy steps that can supplement management practices to unlock more of the nutrients that are already in the soil.
  • Find out how microbiome activators like SOURCE® wake up soil microbes and give plants access to more nutrients, including nitrogen and phosphorus.

Join us for a CropLife webinar as Rich Haynes, agronomist, dives into the science behind activating soil microbes to unlock nutrients and improve profitability.

Featured Speakers:

Rich Haynes, Sales Agronomist at Sound Agriculture

Rich Haynes is a sales agronomist with over 15 years in the agricultural industry focused on precision agriculture and sustainability. Before joining Sound Agriculture, Rich Haynes worked with many agricultural technology companies, giving him a wealth of experience in both ag software and on-farm hardware and equipment. With a passion for data, sustainability, and soil science, Rich is well versed in the many ways to complement natural systems with modern technology.

Merlin Stoltzfus, Genreal Managet at Cochranville Ag Service LLC

Merlin Stoltzfus is the general manager at Cochranville Ag Service LLC, providing agronomy and custom application services to a 20 mile radius around Cochranville, PA, where the primary crops are corn, soybeans, wheat, alfalfa, and grass hay for the horse/​mushroom industry. Through his operation, Merlin sells Nachurs Liquid Fertilizer, liquid and dry NPK, AgriGold, and NK brand seed. Merlin’s personal goal is to help farm customers regularly grow 300 bushel corn, 100 bushel soybeans, and 150 bushel wheat.