Our Vision, Presented by The New York Times and Leaps by Bayer

Empowering Farmers to Reduce Agriculture’s Environmental Impact

With increasing heat waves, longer droughts, and more intense storms, the impacts of climate change are making themselves felt across the country. For decades, the production and use of nitrogen fertilizer has contributed to polluted waterways, degraded soils and greenhouse gas emissions in the form of nitrous oxide (N2O), which is nearly 300 times as potent as CO2. Growers are among the first to feel the effects of this — being located in areas where severe droughts, storms, and heat waves are increasingly common, and also in their day-to-day, with fertilizer decreasing soil fertility. Growers deserve more options to support productivity and planet health. 

Sound Agriculture is committed to offering solutions to growers seeking to build sustainability and resilience while improving farm finances. Our bio-inspired microbiome activator SOURCE® stimulates the microbes present in soil, which in turn make key nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus available to the plant. SOURCE offers growers an opportunity to improve soil health while providing their crop with the nutrients they need in a plant available form. With nitrogen prices high, SOURCE is a win for growers’ bottom line and presents a huge opportunity to lessen the industry’s contribution to greenhouse gas emissions. 

This year, Sound was recognized for it’s potential at COP26, The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference. Sponsors of COP26, the New York Times Climate Hub and Leaps by Bayer, a recent investor in Sound, produced a short video that expounds on our sustainability goals and reflects our mission to support growers efforts to create sustainable, resilient, and profitable farms. The video was released during the event in Glasgow and is now available on the NYT website and above.