Sound Advice: Increasing Nutrient Availability and Uptake

Sales agronomists Zach Carlson and Sarah Taylor discuss the relationship between soil microbes and soil health, and how this relationship impacts the bioavailability of the nutrients plants need.

The presence of soil microbes makes a functional soil, holding and releasing nutrients that plants require. Proper levels of these microbes reduces plant stress and increases the bioavailability of the nutrients that the plant is signaling that it needs, per the growth stage that it’s at. Limited interaction with soil microbes results in plants that are less healthy, less nutritious, and have low yield.

SOURCE is a foliar applied chemistry that contains tiny molecules that translocate down the plants and into the root system. These molecules mimic what the plants are already signaling out to the microbes so that the microbes provide the nutrients the plants need — like nitrogen and phosphorus. SOURCE essentially supercharges this interaction so that the plant increases the signaling to microbes, which results in an increase of available nutrients.

Zach and Sarah explain the science behind SOURCE and the results we’re seeing in SOURCE treated fields.