Molecular Foundry Manager


Sound Agriculture leverages natural plant diversity to grow crops more sustainably and to create differentiated, tastier, and more nutritious food. Sound is a recognized innovator of nutrient efficiency products and new plant breeding approaches. We are a Series C startup funded by leading investors in food and agriculture such as Seed2Growth, Fall Line Capital, Cultivian Sandbox Ventures, Cavallo Ventures and Syngenta Ventures. 

As we scale, we are operationalizing a breakthrough plant breeding approach that leverages epigenetics to create diversity. We are hiring a Molecular Foundry Manager to direct the wet lab operations of Sound’s On Demand Breeding (ODB) Foundry. We are seeking an experienced manager to build and guide a team of molecular biology scientists, associates, and technicians. Our ODB technology involves next generation sequencing, molecular design, and high throughput characterization to create new plant phenotypes in a matter of weeks. The Foundry serves both internal development projects and external collaborations.

This role will report to the Chief Technology Officer.

Location: Emeryville, California 


  • Manage the execution of Sound’s On Demand Breeding platform, including wet lab and computational design functions 
  • Manage a team of technicians and scientists to meet internal and business demands
  • Perform experimental design, execution, and data analysis as needed
  • Ensure data quality and on time delivery of project workflow
  • Plan and execute platform development activities to expand capacity
  • Provide training and mentorship for Foundry team technicians

Skills & Experience

  • MS or PhD in life sciences 
  • 5+ years experience in industry positions with progressive management responsibility
  • Expertise in molecular biology, including qPCR, RT-PCR, and NGS
  • Fluency in project management concepts and software
  • Experience developing laboratory standard operating procedures and optimizing platform or facility workflows, including laboratory automation
  • Experience training and managing technicians
  • Ability and willingness to perform wet lab work and troubleshoot experiments
  • Identify as a player coach’ rather than a top down manager
  • Strong organizational and time-management skills
  • Passionate about plant and soil science and the future of food and agriculture

Sound is based in Emeryville, CA and Research Triangle Park, NC, with a number of employees working remotely. We have a mission driven culture and a fast-paced, collaborative work environment. We are looking for someone to join the team who will bring a passion for sustainability along with a deep expertise in the business of food and agriculture.

Equal Employment Opportunity

We seek a diverse pool of applicants and consider all qualified candidates regardless of race, ancestry, color, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, citizenship, disability, Veteran status, marital status, or any other protected status.

To apply for this position, please contact with a cover letter and CV, attention: Molecular Foundry Manager hiring.