Asilomar Bio rebrands as Sound Agriculture

EMERYVILLE, Calif., Sept. 19, 2018 — Asilomar Bio, Inc., developer of products to help farmers grow more efficient, resilient and healthier crops, has announced it will change its name to Sound Agriculture Company.

The name Sound Agriculture reflects the Company’s commitment to develop a new class of products backed by outstanding science and to responsibly advance sustainable agriculture. Though these values have always driven the core mission of the Company, the name now more closely aligns with the impact Sound Agriculture strives to have on the agricultural industry.

CEO Eric Davidson said the change emphasizes both the Company’s history and its forward-looking focus as it prepares to launch products that enable crops to achieve their yield potential.

The Sound name is a reference to the strong science that we consider our foundation. Also among the many definitions of sound is a connecting stretch between bodies of water’. Fitting, given our origins in plant water research and that we see our technologies serving as connections between crops and the environment.”

Based on foundational research by co-founders Eric Davidson and Travis Bayer, products derived from the Company’s unique molecular discovery platform increase yield by amplifying nutrient use efficiency, drought tolerance, plant growth, and stress resilience. Field tests over seven growing seasons in multiple crops show Sound technology’s potential to reduce fertilizer requirements and minimize irrigation needs, while increasing harvest yields.

Located in Emeryville, California, Sound Agriculture is expanding its research and commer­cial­iza­tion teams to build upon its significant progress in the discovery and development of groundbreaking science.