Sound Agriculture Joins USFRA and Decade of Ag to Advance Industry-Led Sustainability Efforts

Leaders in Food and Agriculture Form Joint Effort to Further Evidence-Based Solutions to Climate Change

EMERYVILLE, Calif. (April 13, 2022) — Sound Agriculture, an industry-leader developing science-based solutions to improve how and what we farm, has joined the Decade of Ag movement, an industry-wide effort led by US Farmers and Ranchers in Action (USFRA) to achieve a shared mission for a resilient, economically-viable, and climate-smart agricultural system that produces sustainable food, fiber, and energy. 

Sound Agriculture is working with other leading companies to tackle the existential need to improve the way our food and agriculture system works. By leveraging biology above and below ground, the company is unleashing the natural power that exists in plants to solve the need for more reliable, nutritious, and delicious food grown in a way that can be sustained into the future.

The increase in weather events and worldwide supply chain disruptions have sent shocks through our food system,” said Adam Litle, CEO, Sound Agriculture. It is time for us to join together and we are committed to working with others in the food and agriculture sector to find creative and scalable solutions that can be implemented quickly and cost effectively for farmers.” 

The company developed SOURCE® to support continual improvements in farming by enhancing nutrient efficiency. SOURCE reduces the need for synthetic fertilizer without impact production by activating soil microbes to provide more essential nutrients, like nitrogen and phosphorus, to crops. The company’s goal is to reduce global synthetic fertilizer use by 30%, which equates to removing more than 200 million cars from the road.

As the secretariat for the Decade of Ag movement, we thank Sound Agriculture for its leadership, sharing a 2030 vision of success for the food and ag sector,” said Erin Fitzgerald, CEO of USFRA. This moment requires unprecedented collaboration across the value chain, and we are proud and excited to work alongside Sound Agriculture and dozens of other leaders committed to lifting up farmers and ranchers throughout the United States.”

Sound Agriculture joins more than 160 agriculture leaders who have signed on to this sustainability vision.

About Sound Agriculture

Sound Agriculture unlocks the natural power of plants to meet the demands for more diverse and nutritious food. Innovative, on-demand crop solutions allow agriculture to adapt faster to climate change and evolving consumer preferences, creating healthier food that is better for the planet. Products are designed to improve on-farm efficiency and create healthier, tastier, more sustainable food. SOURCE activates the microbiome to give crops access to more of the nitrogen and phosphorus that exists in the field, improving yield and reducing synthetic fertilizer by up to 50 lbs per acre. Learn more at and follow @sound_ag on Twitter.