Sound Agriculture Launches SOURCE in New Crops with Improved Formulations for the 2023 Season

Use on over one million acres in 2022 along with strong field trial results supports expansion of nutrient use efficiency product line

EMERYVILLE, Calif. (September 19, 2022) – Sound Agricultures flagship product, SOURCE®, will expand beyond corn and soybeans to support additional crops for the 2023 season, including wheat, cotton, alfalfa, and hay. Formulations have also been improved to make the products easier to use while delivering the same yield and return on investment (ROI) benefits. 

With 4.3x growth from the 2021 growing season, SOURCE is now being used on more than one million U.S. acres, three years after its initial launch. On average, returning growers doubled their purchase, driving an industry high net retention rate of 150%. The coming season is poised to support more growers with better yields and less fertilizer requirements, helping the company reach its goal of reducing 30% of global synthetic nitrogen fertilizer — the equivalent of removing 200 million cars from the road. 

It’s thrilling to see how far we’ve come in such a short time,” said Adam Litle, CEO, Sound Agriculture. SOURCE is making a huge impact on farms with its ease of use and successful results. Our customers are looking for new tools that will help them succeed financially and environmentally, and SOURCE is doing just that.”

SOURCE® is the only fertilizer replacement product that activates both nitrogen fixing and phosphate solubilizing microbes to provide sustainable nutrition at the root zone when crops need it the most. The product was designed to work similarly to other crop protection products, making it an easy addition to current management practices without resulting in added time and costs often associated with new technologies. The proprietary small molecule chemistry has secured numerous patents and is backed by rigorous mode of action studies. 

Early field trial data has shown strong performance across the new crops. By providing access to more nutrients in-season, SOURCE improves grain yields in wheat, lint yields in cotton, and biomass production in forages like alfalfa and grass hay, creating significant value for farmers.

With a commitment to using a data-driven approach, Sound Agriculture developed the Performance Optimizer, which uses yield goal, nitrogen use rate, and soil insights to guide high performance placement. Growers can target a yield increase of 5 – 10 bushels per acre or a nitrogen reduction of up to 50 lbs per acre in corn, or blend the two benefits, depending on their nitrogen management practices and soil characteristics. 

SOURCE is available now for the 2023 growing season and is backed by a performance guarantee. To learn more, visit or email

About Sound Agriculture

Sound Agriculture unlocks the natural power of plants to meet the demands for more diverse and nutritious food. Innovative, on-demand crop solutions allow agriculture to adapt faster to climate change and evolving consumer preferences, creating healthier food that is better for the planet. Products are designed to improve on-farm efficiency and create healthier, tastier, more sustainable food. SOURCE activates the microbiome to give crops access to more of the nitrogen and phosphorus that exists in the field, improving yield and reducing synthetic fertilizer by up to 50 lbs per acre. Learn more at and follow @sound_ag on Twitter.