Sound Agriculture reimagines farm trials through aerial application improve crop productivity with results you can see

SAN FRANCISCO, CA Feb. 5, 2019 – Sound Agriculture, a San Francisco-based company developing products that sustainably enhance agriculture productivity, is launching a new type of farm trial called Source by Sound™. This unique trial relies on patterned aerial application, data and images to clearly showcase the effectiveness of Source™ on the health and yield of crops.

By utilizing advanced molecular discovery, Sound Agriculture has identified how plants interact with soil microbes, leading to the development of a new product called Source. Source is a crop input that stimulates natural microbes to increase the available nitrogen and phosphorus in the soil, allowing them to be used by the plant. Traditionally, farmers have turned to synthetic fertilizers to provide these vital nutrients, but now Source can unlock the nutrients – and the potential – that already exists in the field.

Five years of field trials on corn show that Source improves yields by an average of 10 bushels per acre, with some fields seeing increases up to 30 bushels per acre. Lab and field studies also show that Source can replace approximately 50 pounds of nitrogen per acre, decreasing the amount of synthetic nitrogen fertilizer needed and supporting the health of the earth’s soil, water and air.

Farmers who are interested in participating in the 2019 trial are invited to visit to learn more and connect with a Sound Agriculture team member. The current trial is being conducted on corn fields and space is limited. Source is available as a foliar spray making it easy to integrate into current farmer management practices.

Sound Agriculture

Sound Agriculture uses bio-inspired technologies to develop products that sustainably increase agriculture productivity by enhancing nutrient and water use among crops. The company is dedicated to fighting yield loss due to environmental stresses while decreasing reliance on fertilizers and other chemicals. Sound Agriculture is headquartered in Emeryville, CA with an additional office in North Carolina. For more information, visit and follow @sound_ag on Twitter.