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We're taking the guesswork out of the equation to make application more precise. Use the Performance Optimizer to understand where SOURCE Corn will perform best and prioritize product placement to save you money and time.

Enter values to predict performance.

The Performance Optimizer is a model and is not a guarantee of product performance.

After entering the data points for your field, the Performance Optimizer will return a recommendation on how to use SOURCE on that specific field for the best ROI. Since soils and the other data points can vary from field to field, we can work with you to run multiple fields in order to prioritize use. Each field will receive one of three recommendations:

  • Boost Yield: This field is a great option for SOURCE. Use SOURCE along with your standard fertility plan to increase yield and improve your ROI.
  • Reduce N: This field is a great option for SOURCE. You could likely maximize your ROI by cutting 25 – 50 lbs of applied N.
  • Limited Performance: Due to the soil characteristics in this field and the amount of nitrogen applied, SOURCE is less likely to show significant upside.

Here’s how it works

The below field data allows our model to identify how to use SOURCE in each field.

  • Yield Target: This is the target yield you expect per field, which is often somewhere between your maximum historical yield and the APH. Coupling this data point with the nitrogen application and soil characteristics can further determine if using SOURCE would work best to help increase yield or reduce nitrogen.
  • Nitrogen Application: Understanding how many units of nitrogen are being applied leads to a more accurate recommendation for SOURCE use. Fields with NUE scores of roughly less than one pound of N per bushel will typically see a higher yield impact when using SOURCE. Fields with higher NUE scores may see the greatest ROI benefit by reducing nitrogen along with using SOURCE.
  • pH: Variability in soil pH can cause nutrient tie-up, especially in phosphorus. SOURCE has strong potential in a low pH environment where phosphate typically gets tied-up with aluminum.
  • OM: More organic matter leads to more mineralization, an important process to provide plant-available nutrients. SOURCE performs best in lower OM environments where soil struggles to supply nutrients.
  • CEC: The cation exchange capacity of soil indicates its ability to hold nutrients, especially nitrogen. Lower CEC soil tends to lose more nitrogen to environmental factors, making it ideal for SOURCE. Predictions are most accurate for soils with CEC of 0 – 30.

Post-Harvest Analyst

Season after season we examine yield, soil, and nitrogen application data to better understand how SOURCE can help in each unique field. The Performance Optimizer gets more powerful as more data is entered, using guidelines built from real world experience along with statistical correlations between SOURCE-driven yield uplift and key soil parameters. By tapping into the model, we can help growers use SOURCE where it is likely to provide the best ROI for their operation.

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