Count on SOURCE to unlock phosphorus in your soil.

Did you know that up to 80% of applied P is unavailable to your plants?

When growers apply synthetic phosphorus to their fields, a significant portion is bound to minerals in the soil. This trapped phosphorus isn't in a form that plants can readily absorb and use, but SOURCE can help unlock that P and make it accessible to your plants.

Take advantage of the P locked up on your fields and return it to your crops.

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Tap into the soil

Soil Microbes are Key to Phosphorus Access

Use SOURCE help your microbial activity supercharge, allowing you to reduce your synthetic P application by 25 lbs while still maintaining yield.


Reduce Phosphorus Without Impacting Yield

Maintaining a high level of P in the soil bank” is a common practice by many farmers. Unfortunately, that excess P doesn’t sit there for free. Phosphorus can reduce the availability of other important micronutrients like calcium, iron, and zinc. Not only that, high levels of P disrupt the soil microbes that help provide nutrients and water to the crop all season.

The key is to have the right amount of phosphorus available throughout the season. Use SOURCE to activate your soil and deliver nutrients in the right balance where and when your crops need them this season.

Use the P you've already got

Use SOURCE to Tap into your Nutrient Bank

Watch the video to learn about the nutrients that are already in your soil, waiting to be unlocked.