A new approach to nutrient efficiency

Activate the Microbiome for More Nutrition

Nitrogen and phosphorus are crucial for healthy crops, but very little is available in a form that plants can use, which means growers need to apply it each season. This results in a major expense and often a lot of wasted nutrients. More than half of applied nitrogen goes unused by the plant, with a lot of the excess escaping into waterways and the atmosphere, harming the environment.

SOURCE wakes up the microbiome so you can access more of these nutrients naturally. By fixing atmospheric nitrogen and unlocking phosphorus that exists in your field, SOURCE works with the soil you’ve already got to make your season more productive.

A white container of SOURCE Corn

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SOURCE is a foliar spray that increases nutrient efficiency by fixing nitrogen and unlocking phosphate throughout the growing season. The result is higher yields and a reduced need for synthetic fertilizer. Explore our products.

  • Testimonials

    The competitors are just giving you nitrogen. SOURCE gives you nitrogen and phosphorus. Our tissue tests showed a broad spectrum increase in nutrients. It pays.

    Jordan Kremlacek, Nebraska

  • Testimonials

    We saw a yield boost of about 9 bu/​acre — a serious return on investment for a product that was so easy to use and measure.

    Kasey Bamberger, Ohio

  • Testimonials

    We applied SOURCE at V5 and when we harvested, we saw a 19 bu/​acre increase over the non-treated plots.

    Doug Dunwoody, Indiana

  • Testimonials

    We saw increased root mass in our SOURCE fields. They were more robust with more fine, fibrous roots. With the yields we pulled this year we’ll be using it again.

    Tyler Roberts, Nebraska