A new approach to nutrient efficiency

Get more out of every acre

Nitrogen and phosphorus are crucial to a healthy crop, but growers today are losing too much fertilizer to the air and water. We’ve discovered a more efficient way to help the microbes in your soil work harder — resulting in higher yields and a better return on investment than anything else in nutrient efficiency.

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Discover TWO ways to win with SOURCE

BOOST YIELDUse SOURCEMaintain nitrogen application rates
PROTECT YIELDUse SOURCEReduce nitrogen application by 
25 – 50 lbs per acre

SOURCE Performance Optimizer (Beta)

The Performance Optimizer uses soil pH, organic matter (OM), and cation exchange capacity (CEC) to predict performance.

Finally, a tool that can help you prioritize where to use a product for the best outcome. We’re taking out the guesswork to make application more precise than ever before.

How it Works

By entering pH, organic matter, and CEC for a field, we can determine performance outcome for SOURCE Corn.

  • Excellent Performance: 8+ bu/​acre
  • Strong Performance: 4 – 8 bu/​acre
  • Limited Performance: <4 bu/​acre

Enter values to predict performance.

The Performance Optimizer is a model and is not a guarantee of product performance.

Predicting Performance

What is the effect on soil nutrients?

pH: Variability in soil pH can cause nutrient tie-up, especially in phosphorus. SOURCE has strong performance potential in a low pH environment where phosphate typically gets tied-up with aluminum.

OM: A higher percent of organic matter in the soil leads to more mineralization, an important process for providing in-season plant available nutrients. SOURCE performs best in lower OM environments where the soil is less capable of supplying nutrients.

CEC: The cation exchange capacity of the soil indicates its ability to hold nutrients, especially nitrogen. Lower CEC soils tend to lose more nitrogen to environmental factors, and are ideal candidates for SOURCE. Predictions are most accurate for soils with CEC of 0 – 30.

The interaction of these variables is complex and conditional on one another. Having one value outside of the ideal range doesn’t necessarily prevent a positive result, so we encourage you to enter in data for a few fields as long as at least one of the above variables lines up with your soil characteristics.

Would you like to predict SOURCE performance on multiple fields?

Fill out the form, and we will contact you with next steps.

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Tank mix compatible

Easy to add to your tank with herbicides and fungicides. There’s no need to make an additional trip into the field.

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Low use rate foliar spray

Less than 1 fluid ounce per acre. One gallon covers 183 acres of land. 

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Flexible application window

Choose the best application time for your fields. SOURCE Corn can be applied from V4 — R3 to provide nutrients when they are most needed.

Science preview

Backed by science

SOURCE activates microbes in the root zone that fix atmospheric nitrogen and unlock phosphorus in the soil.

When crops are able to take in these nutrients, the outcome is healthier plants and improved yields.

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Increased yields, improved plant health

2017 — 2020 Replicated Trials

Average Yield Increase7.5 bu / acre
Win Rate
  • We saw a yield boost of about 9 bu/​acre, which not only covered the cost of the product, but provided us with a return as well. It was incredibly easy to use and measure.

    Kasey Bamberger, OH grower
  • Even though a wind storm prevented us from applying the last of our nitrogen, we still saw around a 10 bu/​acre increase in yield after applying SOURCE at V4.

    Brandon Hunnicutt, NE grower
  • We applied SOURCE at V5 and when we harvested, we saw a 19 bu/​acre increase over the non-treated plots.

    Doug Dunwoody, IN grower
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Because SOURCE gives crops more access to nitrogen and phosphorus, growers see the effects of increased nutrition.

Observations from growers who used SOURCE

  • Earlier, more uniform crop maturity
  • Healthier, more robust root systems
  • Less firing, more greenness within the canopy
  • Bigger ear size
  • Better grain fill and kernel count
  • Greater standability

Introducing SOURCE Soybeans

Productivity Amplified

SOURCE Soybeans gives crops access to natural forms of nitrogen and phosphorus. 

Applied phosphorus often binds to elements in the soil, causing it to get locked up and reducing nutrient availability. Phosphate-solubilizing microbes (PSM) are required to break these bonds. 

That’s where SOURCE Soybeans comes in. By activating PSM populations in the soil, phosphorus is released and made available to the plant.

Maximize crop nutrition with SOURCE Soybeans.

  • Increased Yield

    2.4 bu/​acre

  • Consistent Results

    75% win rate