SOURCE Soybeans

With a new active ingredient tailored to soybeans, SOURCE Soybeans is formulated to increase plant available nitrogen and phosphorus during grain fill to provide the highest yield potential.

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Finally, Nutrient Use Efficiency for Soybeans.

  • Industry Leader in NUE

    Increase yield by 2.4 bu/​acre with an 75% win rate. Sold out in 2021.

  • Activates the Soil

    First of its kind foliar-applied microbiome activator that helps you get more nitrogen and phosphorus from your soil.

  • Guaranteed Performance

    Use with confidence to increase yield. Learn more about our Performance Guarantee.

Outperform with SOURCE Soybeans

SOURCE Soybeans is applied during the R1-R3 growth stage, ensuring your crops have access to nitrogen and phosphorus at a critical time to maximize yield.

  • Increased Yield

    2.4 bu / acre

  • Consistent Results

    75% win rate

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Available for use across the U.S.

A Game Changer for Soybeans

Across the U.S., Source Soybeans is helping growers maximize yield. Find out how this novel mode of action can level up your production by maximizing nutrient efficiency.

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