Nature-based solutions for sustainable crop production

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Nutrient Efficiency

On a mission to reduce
30% of global fertilizer use

Soil That Serves Our Climate, Communities and Ecosystem

Imagine removing 200 million cars from our roads. That is the potential of SOURCE.

While nitrogen and phosphorus are essential nutrients for crops, overuse of synthetic fertilizers has significant impacts on the environment and the health of local populations. Between production, transportation, runoff, leaching, and emissions, fertilizer takes a large toll on the planet.

SOURCE offers a solution. By activating the soil microbiome, including nitrogen-fixing bacteria and phosphorus-solubilizing microbes, SOURCE allows growers to easily reduce fertilizer use, without sacrificing yields.

  • LESS fertilizer

    Reduce nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer by 25 lbs/​ac each


    Reduce N2O emissions (300x more potent than CO2)


    Reduce nitrate pollution and aquatic deadzones

The ally growers need and want

SOURCE is a powerful tool in sustainable ag production

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Fertilizer Replacement Guarantee

Offering growers a product that improves return on investment and environmental impact is one of the key values of SOURCE.

That’s why we have created the strongest cash-back guarantee for fertilizer reduction in the industry. Growers can now use SOURCE to replace nitrogen and phosphorus with no risk to their bottom line. For qualifying corn growers who buy and apply 4 gallons of SOURCE DC and reduce their synthetic inputs, we guarantee they will maintain yield or we will reimburse them up to $100 per acre.

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Cleaner Waterways

It’s not just growers that benefit from SOURCE, but communities and waterways too. 

In a study conducted by Ag Ingenuity, SOURCE treated fields showed a 19% reduction in water nitrates in field water samples. By combining SOURCE with nitrogen reduction strategies, growers can play a pivotal role in improving water quality and reducing environmental impact. With SOURCE, farming practices contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable environment. 

Join us in our commitment to responsible agriculture and environmental stewardship.

See the impact

The 2023 Sound Sustainability Report

Sound Agriculture is cutting greenhouse-gas emissions at the source by working with growers to reduce their inputs, benefitting our atmosphere, waterways and grower communities. See the impact in the Sound Agriculture 2023 Sustainability Report. 


Improved produce
for a healthier planet

On-Demand Breeding. On Demand Solutions.

With on-demand breeding, we are able to grow better tasting, more nutritions, planet-friendly produce in months instead of years, all without changing the plant’s DNA.

  • Food waste

    With improved longevity and durability, produce lasts longer with less food waste.


    Expanded growing conditions means greater drought tolerance and resilience to a changing climate.


    Strengthened disease resistance results in crops that require fewer chemical inputs.

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