MBS Family Farms

Kyle Mehmen

Kyle Mehmen, owner and GM of MBS Family Farms, is a 5th generation farmer from Northeast Iowa. He and his wife Kerri, have farmed with his parents since 2005. Kyle graduated with a BA in Agricultural Studies from Iowa State University in 2000. He worked for Aventis, Bayer Crop Science, and then FMC from 2000 – 2005 where he served as a territory salesman. Since joining the operation, MBS has expanded into southern Minnesota. Kyle also manages two other farm entities, MBS AgServices (a seed/​chemical/​fertilizer retail business) and Roach Farm Management. He is also the Board President and Operating Manager of Iowa Swine Utopia, (a pork production facility). MBS Family Farms has been an active member of Family Farms Group since 2007, where Kyle serves on the board. Kyle and his wife have three young children who are very active on the farm and hope to join the operation someday.