Sustainability powered by science

Improving nutrient cycling through biochemistry

Growers are looking for ways to improve yield and crop resilience while supporting a healthy ecosystem.

Rather than adding more synthetic fertilizer that can be lost, we’ve found ways to enhance the natural systems that already exist.

Tapping into the potential in every field

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Activating microbes to unlock nutrients

First, we look at the complex ways plants interact with the environment. Then, we design tools that harness the innate capabilities of the plant and soil to perform better.

Our understanding of how molecular signaling influences plant and microbial physiology led to developing the active ingredient in SOURCE. This chemistry increases nutrient cycling by turning on atmospheric nitrogen fixation and phosphate solubilization, providing the plant access to these nutrients. Enhancing natural fertilizer production increases yield, improves soil health, and reduces reliance on chemical fertilizer. 

How Source Works

Product Pipeline

Future innovation

Our research improves nutrient efficiency, photosynthesis, and stress tolerance by enhancing the symbiotic relationship between plants and their environment.

Our products are on the market for corn and being tested in other crops, like soybeans, wheat, cotton, rice, and more.