Digging Deeper: How to Host a Successful SOURCE Grower Meeting

Join this conversation between a Dealer & RSM as they take you on a deep dive into the strategies and techniques that can make your SOURCE grower meeting a resounding success. Whether you are a seasoned host or planning your first grower meeting, this webinar will equip you with valuable knowledge and practical tips to enhance your event.

During the webinar, we will explore key topics such as:

  • Effective communication strategies to engage growers
  • How to leverage your Sound team & resources
  • Creating engaging agendas and content
  • Best practices for conducting root digs & displaying impact

Our speakers will share their real-life experiences, best practices, and lessons learned from hosting successful grower meetings, ensuring you gain actionable insights that can be immediately applied to your own SOURCE grower meeting. Register today!

Date: Tue, May 23, 9 – 10 CST
Location: Virtual

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