Creating a more agile and resilient food system

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SOURCE is available now for the 2023 season

Unleash the natural power of plants

How we grow food has evolved more slowly than the increasing pace of consumer and environmental change.

We need to be able to keep up with new demands, produce enough nutritious food, and improve our soil.

That’s what we’re here to do.

We are a new type of agriculture company. Our solutions are focused on allowing plants to respond more quickly to changing weather and consumer preferences. By enhancing the natural ability of plants, we offer solutions that provide a positive return on investment and a positive impact on the planet.

Nutrient Efficiency

Get more out of your soil

SOURCE is the only product that works by activating the soil microbes that fix nitrogen in the atmosphere and unlock phosphorus in your soil. With a no-hassle application, it’s simple to use. 

Throw it in your tank, head into the field, and benefit from healthier plants, healthier soil, and a healthier yield.

On-Demand Breeding

A better way to feed the world

On-demand breeding enables a more robust expression of existing plant traits without changing the DNA sequence. From start to finish, this process is faster than ever before.

The result? Food that is better for the planet, better for you, and better for your taste buds.