Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Sound Agriculture unlocks the natural power of plants to help agriculture adapt faster to climate change and evolving consumer preferences. Our approach to nutrient efficiency activates the soil microbiome to improve yield while reducing synthetic fertilizer use. On-Demand Breeding offers a faster way to breed plants without changes to the DNA, resulting in more sustainable, nutritious, and better tasting food.

  2. Growers face new challenges that traditional tools were not designed to address. Sound develops modern solutions that help produce more food using less land and fewer resources, and remain agile and resilient to changing weather and consumer desires.

    Watch our video to find out more.

  3. Sound Agriculture was founded by Eric Davidson, PhD and Travis Bayer, PhD who use their expertise in molecular biology, biochemistry and biophysics to bring science-based solutions from the lab to the field. Learn more about our leadership team.


  1. SOURCE is a new class of product called a microbiome activator. Using SOURCE improves nutrient efficiency by giving plants access to more of the nitrogen and phosphorus that exists in the field. It helps to improve yield without needing to apply more synthetic fertilizer. Learn more by watching the SOURCE Mode of Action video.

  2. SOURCE is applied as a foliar spray anytime between V4 and R3 growth stages, and is tank mix compatible. We recommend applying one time per season at either V4-V6 or Vt-R3 to sync with post emergence herbicide or late season fungicide application.

  3. When SOURCE is applied as a foliar spray, plants absorb the product and send the active ingredient through the roots into the soil, signaling the microbes to activate nitrogen fixation and phosphate solubilization, providing more nutrition to the plant.

  4. SOURCE provides an average yield increase of 7.5 bu/acre and an 83% win rate based on four years of replicated trials across the U.S.

  5. SOURCE is currently being sold for use on corn and soybeans, and being tested in other crops like wheat, cotton, rice, and more.

  6. SOURCE can be purchased through Sound Ambassador. You can find your nearest Ambassador here.