Get In-Season N + P at Half The Cost

Soggy fields got you down? Boost your crop’s health with SOURCE to ensure your plants get the nutrients they need when they need them, no matter the weather.

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In-Season Application

Don’t Sweat the Runoff

Regardless of when nitrogen is applied, excessive rains in the spring mean nitrogen loss. Even if the temperature and moisture levels in the fall are just right, spring rain can wash away nitrates in the soil. SOURCE offers peace of mind because it provides 25 lbs of in-season N and P per acre.

Don’t let wet weather put a damper on your season– use SOURCE to retain crucial nutrients.

Why wouldn’t I be interested in SOURCE? The best example I can give you is that we treated one half of a field with SOURCE and left the other to compare it to. Then we got hit with a nasty hail storm and we thought the field was done. Then we noticed the SOURCE treated side’s plant health was just remarkably better and were still able to get a harvest in spite of the damage.”

Roric Paulman of Paulman Farms, SOURCE Grower
Sutherland, NE

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Too Much Moisture This Spring?

To reduce losses, maximize efficiency, and minimize cost, the ideal time to apply nutrients is in-season when the plants are growing.

SOURCE works with a wide application window, allowing growers to apply as late as R3 on corn and soybeans and still reap the benefits of in-season nutrients. Speak to an agronomist today to find out how SOURCE can kick your crops into gear, rain or shine.

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