Make the most of your nutrient plan with SOURCE®.

SOURCE is a soil activator that lightens your synthetic fertilizer load. It offers a more cost-effective source of nitrogen, phosphorus and micronutrients by activating existing microbes in your soil.

If commodity markets are pressuring you to cut costs, choose a nutrient plan that won't sacrifice yield.

When you use SOURCE, you get:

• 25 lbs of N & P at half the cost

• 2-3X ROI for your operation

• The industry’s strongest cash-back guarantees*

    Ready to protect your profit? Reach a Sound rep today.

    Learn Why SOURCE is a Sound Decision for Your Farm

    Right now, fall corn is $4.50/bu. If you consider the average cost for seed, fertilizer, chemistry, rent and labor per acre, you don’t have much margin. Using SOURCE for nutrients is the better bargain. Rather than mining your soil, it’s delivering what the plant needs.”

    - David Hill, Three-Year Sound Dealer