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The Performance Optimizer uses soil pH, organic matter (OM), and cation exchange capacity (CEC) to predict performance.

This tool was designed to help you prioritize product placement for the best outcome. We're taking the guesswork out of the equation to make application more precise. Try our beta version to get a better idea of where SOURCE Corn will perform best for you.

How it works

By entering pH, OM, and CEC for a field, we can determine the performance outcome for SOURCE Corn.

Understanding Results

  • Excellent Performance: 8+ bu/acre
  • Strong Performance: 4-8 bu/acre
  • Limited Performance: <4 bu/acre

Enter values to predict performance.

The Performance Optimizer is a model and is not a guarantee of product performance.

How Soil Variables Predict SOURCE Performance

  • pH: Variability in soil pH can cause nutrient tie-up, especially in phosphorus. SOURCE has strong potential in a low pH environment where phosphate typically gets tied-up with aluminum.
  • OM: More organic matter leads to more mineralization, an important process to provide plant-available nutrients. SOURCE performs best in lower OM environments where soil struggles to supply nutrients.
  • CEC: The cation exchange capacity of soil indicates its ability to hold nutrients, especially nitrogen. Lower CEC soil tends to lose more nitrogen to environmental factors, making it ideal for SOURCE. Predictions are most accurate for soils with CEC of 0 – 30.

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