• SOURCE is a powerful product that unlocks both nitrogen, phosphorus and other key nutrients in your fields.
  • Using 700+ data points representing tens of thousands of acres, we have created an advanced precision placement tool. This tool guides how to use SOURCE for corn to get the most out of your field, whether through nutrient replacement or yield increase.
  • Now you can make informed decisions to optimize your fertility plan and maximize ROI, all without risk to your bottom line thanks to our strong product guarantees
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The SOURCE Performance Optimizer

We employ machine learning to determine the best way to get value out of SOURCE. Like anything dealing with biology, SOURCE doesn’t work the same way everywhere. While it provides the equivalent of 25 lbs of N and 25 lbs of P, there are factors that impact whether to use it to replace fertilizer or enhance your existing fertility plan.

In corn, this depends primarily on yield, the amount of nitrogen applied and the amount of phosphorus in your soil. By taking into account those simple factors, and following the recommendation, you will get the maximum value out of SOURCE. In this way, we use data science to leverage nature and technology providing a Sound scientific foundation to help you make informed decisions. 

Use our Performance Optimizer below to see how SOURCE will benefit your nutrient plan.

Enter values to find out how to use SOURCE

By identifying the limiting nutrients in a field, you can determine how to use SOURCE to maximize your ROI.

*The Performance Guide tool is a model and is not a guarantee of product performance.

Get a 2 – 3X ROI on your operation

Replace 25 units of P

Increase yield by 5 bu/ac on avg

Replace 25 units of N & P




Use your NUE score to determine how to combine SOURCE with synthetic nitrogen reduction. If your NUE is 0.95 lb/​bu or greater, you can replace 25 lbs of synthetic nitrogen with the nitrogen provided by SOURCE


Consult your soil test results to determine how to combine SOURCE with synthetic phosphorus reduction. Most growers can replace 25 lbs of synthetic phosphorus with the phosphorus that is unlocked in the soil by SOURCE. However, when a soil test indicates that P is low, or less than 25 ppm of P (Mehlich 3), then avoid completely eliminating a starter fertilizer phosphorus pass or replacing more than half of the recommended P application.

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Performance Analyzer

Real Data Across the Greater Corn Belt

Regional data is king, which is why we work hard to provide growers with useful data that can be used to make smart decisions. Using 700+ data points, representing tens of thousands of acres, the Performance Analyzer provides a clearer picture of how SOURCE will perform on your farm.

Use the form below to connect with a Sound Agronomist and find out how SOURCE performs in your region.

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