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We’re working with industry leaders across the agriculture supply chain — from CPG to ingredients —to create a more adaptable food system.

We focus on improving sustainability, enhancing nutrition, and improving the flavor and texture of food.

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  • Improve plant architecture to extend shelf life and reduce waste
  • Expand optimal growing conditions to enable climate resilience
  • Strengthen disease resistance to reduce chemical use
Heirloom tomatoes


  • Increase phytonutrients to create functional foods
  • Increase fiber content to improve heart health benefits
  • Increase protein content to improve nutrition


  • Reduce browning to increase shelf life
  • Improve colors to align with consumer preference
  • Neutralize coloring to reduce processing and additives


  • Reduce unpleasant flavors to improve taste of alternative protein sources
  • Increase natural sweetness to reduce added sugars
  • Expand flavor options to make nutritious food more pleasing

The ability to adjust the expression of genes with a non-transgenic platform in months is a breakthrough that can help us to develop new products in a safe and sustainable way.”

André Beló New Breeding Techniques Manager, GDM

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More phytonutrients, cleaner labels, improved sustainability

Row Crops

Greater stress tolerance and disease resistance, increased protein content


Longer shelf-life, better texture and flavor, improved pest resistance


Enhanced nutrition, better flavor, more adaptable