Don’t take our word for it

Hear from our customers around the country

  • The competitors are just giving you nitrogen. SOURCE gives you nitrogen and phosphorus. Our tissue tests showed a broad spectrum increase in nutrients. It pays. That’s why we use it.”

    Jordan Kremlacek Saunders County, NE

  • The low use rate makes it really easy. Took me about 10 seconds and we were off. And our SOURCE fields came back with test weights 1.8 to 2.4 lbs higher. That’s 4 – 5 bu/​ac right there.”

    Andrew Laprath Gregory County, SD

  • We saw a yield boost of about 9 bu/​acre — a serious return on investment for a product that was so easy to use and measure.”

    Kasey Bamberger Fayette County, OH

  • We applied SOURCE at V5 and when we harvested, we saw a 19 bu/​acre increase over the non-treated plots.”

    Doug Dunwoody Tippecanoe County, IN

  • We’re trying to get more efficient with fertilizer. The old rule of thumb is 1.2 lbs of N per bushel. We’re down to .6. That’s why we’re interested in SOURCE.”

    Tyler Roberts Boone County, NE

  • I see the application of innovative technology like SOURCE as an on-ramp for more growers to drive scalable and affordable adoption of climate-friendly practices.”

    Trey Hill Kent County, MD

  • When I first used SOURCE in 2019, it was a seriously tough year. I went in with zero expectations. We ended up doing 10 bushels better that year.”

    Brandon Hunnicutt Hamilton County, NE

  • We started out with SOURCE like any farmer, with our arm out and resistant. Slowly we’ve expanded to using it on 1500 acres and seen a significant ROI.”

    Roric Paulman Lincoln County, NE

  • It was nice to be able to apply later in the season, and the results were great. The ears were just huge, and the kernels were so much bigger.”

    Randal Freiborg Renville County, MN