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  • Grower Story

    Sutherland, Nebraska

    Roric Paulman has been farming the land outside Sutherland, Nebraska, his whole life. The defining feature of his operation: innovation. Through a willingness to test out new technology and lead the pack in implementing new practices, Roric has remained on the cutting edge and kept his ROI high.

  • Grower Story

    Jackson, Tennessee

    Johnny Verell is an influential grower outside of Jackson, TN. Throughout the years, he has tested and trialed many products, working closely with Volunteer Ag, a local dealer, to make sure they believe in a product before recommending it to their clients. For the last few years, they’ve been trialing SOURCE. Watch to see the results.

  • Grower Story

    Plainfield, Iowa

    Meet Kyle Mehmen, the owner and GM of MBS Family Farms. He’s a 5th generation farmer from Northeast Iowa. When it comes to farming, Kyle’s likely seen it all. And SOURCE is a product that he trusts and has used to upgrade his ROI.

  • Grower Story

    Rock Hall, Maryland

    At Harborview Farms in Rock Hall, Maryland, grower Trey Hill has the next generation on his mind. The bottom line will always be the bottom line, but in recent years he’s been rethinking how he invests in his land and the surrounding community and ecosystems. Take a look at how Trey thinks about success and longevity.

  • Grower Story

    Giltner, Nebraska

    Meet Brandon Hunnicutt, 5th generation farmer embracing innovation to improve sustainability. As part of their ongoing efforts to reduce nitrogen application and loss to local water ways, Hunnicutt Farms has turned to cultivating healthy soil and an active microbiome and in the process saw a 10 bushel per acre increase in yield.

  • Grower Story

    Washington Court House, Ohio

    Meet Kasey Bryant Bamberger, 3rd generation farmer and partner at Bryant Agricultural Enterprise in Ohio. Kasey is constantly looking for new tools and technology to become more sustainable so that they’re able to farm for generations to come, especially when it comes to nutrient use.

  • Grower Story

    Sedgwick, Kansas

    Outside of Wichita, Kansas, Ryan Speer has worked his way into Jacobs Farm one harvest at a time, and between harsh weather and a changing industry, it’s never been easy. Taking his first major learning from addressing wind erosion with cover crops, Ryan is now trying out new techniques to build resilience into his operation, and these days his attention has turned towards the soil microbiome.

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“We got an increase of 7 bu/ ac on corn and 5 bu/ac on soy. With that kind of return on investment, SOURCE is an easy choice. Application is a breeze when you tank mix it with your herbicide pass–there’s no extra labor cost.”

-Scott W., Missouri

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“As a grower, I’m most concerned about increasing lbs of lint per acre. That’s where SOURCE provided a big return”

- Sean H., Texas

2023 09 254


"Our SOURCE treated field had much bigger roots and thicker stalks, and the cobs were way bigger too, about 18-round by 52-long on average compared to our untreated, which were just 14 by 32."

-Tony D., California

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“Once the beans started to fill their pods, the difference was very apparent. Greener beans and fuller pods all around!”

– Brent G., South Dakota

2023 05 23 St KS LOO 1961


“On our SOURCE wheat we saw about a 4 bu/ac better yield. On our non-SOURCE fields, we could see dirt between the rows but as soon as you got over to the SOURCE fields the plants were much bushier and everything was canopied over.”

-Jason B., Idaho

2023 09 503


“Despite the weather challenges this growing season, our dairy farmers that applied SOURCE on their corn silage are seeing 2-3 tons more per acre than they are used to across their operations.”

-Merlin S., Pennsylvania

2023 09 134


“I used 4,000 acres of the soybean product and saw good yield. I’m putting SOURCE on all of my acres for the 2023 season!”

- Brad C., Tennessee

2023 09 319


“What sold me on SOURCE was the increased ear & plant health. The extra 1.9 tons an acre didn’t hurt either. We will be adding SOURCE to our acres next year.”

-Nick P., Texas

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