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Evaluating Organizations

See the takeaways from the following organizations below.

  • The Ohio State University

  • Precision Planting

  • Syngenta

  • The Miner Institute

  • Western Corn Belt Research

  • Kova

  • Ag Ingenuity Partners

The Ohio State University

SOURCE was evaluated in The Ohio State University’s Extension trials in 2023 along with other leading NUE products in the biological space.


SOURCE had a significant impact on yield, increasing yield by 9 bu/​ac and far outperforming competitors in the space.

The Ohio State Extension study was a strip trial format with 3 replicates. It took place in Ashland County, Ohio.

  • Avg yield increase, BU/​ac


  • yield of SOURCE applied fields, BU/​ac


  • yield of control fields, BU/​ac


Precision Planting

SOURCE was tested by Precision Planting in both 2021 and 2022 in IL. Different fertility plans over the two seasons demonstrate the best way to add SOURCE to a grower’s operation.


In 2021, the NUE of the field was 1 lb N/ bu, and the best ROI was to reduce N by 15 lbs where both cost savings and increased yield were achieved.

In 2022, the trial was leaner on N, with an NUE of 0.67 lb N/​bu. In this environment, the best ROI from SOURCE came from adding SOURCE to the standard fertility plan and gaining 3 bu/​ac of yield.

These results fit with our Performance Optimizer recommendations.


Syngenta ran on-farm SOURCE efficacy trials on corn at 5 locations in KS, IL, WI and IA.


SOURCE improved grain yield across all five sites by 4.1 bu/​ac, regardless of hybrid.

The Miner Institute

SOURCE was tested on corn silage in NY and replicated 8 times.


Fields where SOURCE was used consistently performed better than the non-treated fields.

At our location, your product out-yielded the control rows in all eight replications. ” 

- Trial Administrator 

  • Avg yield increase, tons/​ac


  • Percent yield gain/​ac


  • ROI at $50/​ton & per acre cost of SOURCE



Kova tested SOURCE on corn among various foliar-applied products across 3 locations in IN and OH.


In both 2021 and 2022, SOURCE increased yield across all 3 locations, with an average uplift of 9.1 bu/​ac.

Western Corn Belt Research

Western Corn Belt Research tested SOURCE on corn in NE across 3 locations and yield uplift was compared to control.


SOURCE improved yield across all three locations, with an average uplift of 8.5 bu/​ac.

  • Avg yield increase, BU/​ac


  • Yield Gain/​ac


Ag Ingenuity Partners

Water Quality

The effect of SOURCE on water nitrate levels was measured throughout the season in IN, OH and IA. Tile line water samples were taken from plots with differing rates of nitrogen and irrigation.


Nitrate levels were similar between fields before SOURCE application. In the months after application, SOURCE-treated plots demonstrated 19% lower levels of nitrates. These results indicate that using SOURCE, especially when partnered with reducing N, may help improve water quality along with improving nutrient use efficiency.

Plant Analysis

Additional testing demonstrated the impact of a healthy and active microbiome created by SOURCE.


More plant-available N and P from an active microbiome increased total plant R1 nitrogen levels by 6% and grain fill by 11%. 

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