D Squared Ag Ventures + Sound Agriculture Partnership



Join us for an insightful webinar with our partner D Squared Ag Ventures.

In this webinar, we are thrilled to have Dave Handsaker & Dave Stamp from D2 sharing their expertise on various topics that will shed light on the significance of SOURCE and its impact on the agricultural landscape. Join to gain valuable insights into why D Squared Ag Ventures is keenly interested in SOURCE and how it aligns with its vision for the future of agriculture.

Dave & Dave will share their experiences and insights into the results observed over the years of implementing SOURCE. Discover the real-world impact and success stories they have witnessed. You’ll understand the tangible benefits that SOURCE brings to the D2 network, offering perspectives from both growers and dealers. You’ll learn about the Performance Guarantees that come with SOURCE, providing confidence and assurance to growers and dealers alike.