No-Till Farmer Webinar: Optimizing Soil Health for Profitability

With the 2022 season behind us, it’s time to start planning for a big win next year. Although fertilizer is essential, there are strategies to be less dependent on it. That’s good news given the high prices. The truth is that your soil is a nutrient cycling factory full of powerful biology that has huge potential to provide more in-season nutrition. By cultivating a healthy soil microbiome, you can take advantage of the nutrients that are stored in the soil. Now is the time to start planning on harnessing that biology with proven strategies and techniques that will boost your bottom line and reduce your reliance on fertilizer.

When: Dec. 6 at 10am Central Time

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In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What is in the soil microbiome, what it’s responsible for and how you can impact its performance
  • How understanding your NUE score can guide nutrient management with more precision and lower costs
  • Find out how microbiome activators like SOURCE® wake up soil microbes to support plant and soil health and overall productivity 

Join Jeff Divan at Sound Agriculture, and New York grower Bob Pawlowski, as they help you better understand the complexities in the soil and walk you through real-world experience that drove up profits on their farms.

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