Fertilizer Replacement Guarantee from Sound Agriculture Removes Barriers and Paves Way to a Greener Future for Agriculture

Up To 50% of Applied Nitrogen and 85% of Applied Phosphorus is Wasted, Costing Growers $50 to $85 Per Acre and Negatively Impacting Air and Water Quality

EMERYVILLE, Calif. (August 29, 2023) — Sound Agriculture announces a first-of-its-kind Fertilizer Replacement Guarantee for U.S. growers that helps eliminate reliance on costly and frequently inefficient nitrogen and phosphorus applications. 

When growers use Sound Agriculture’s flagship product, SOURCE, on qualifying corn acres and reduce nitrogen and/​or phosphorus by 25 lbs per acre, the company guarantees that yield will be maintained or the grower will be reimbursed up to $100 per acre*. This groundbreaking guarantee gives growers peace of mind when deciding to decrease dependence on synthetic fertilizer by reducing potential yield implications and financial ramifications. Using SOURCE to offset the need for synthetic fertilizer also enables growers to take a more proactive approach to fertility programs that protects against price volatility and potential regulatory oversight, while improving soil health. 

We recognize the challenges that farmers face when considering fertilizer reduction and are committed to helping them make this change while maintaining a thriving business,” said Kaitlin Fitzgerald, VP Sustainability, Sound Agriculture. Our unmatched guarantee reflects our confidence in the performance of SOURCE and also supports our goal to reduce global fertilizer use by 30%.”

While its impact on yield is well-documented, applications of synthetic fertilizer can be very inefficient, with as much as 50% of applied nitrogen and 85% of applied phosphorus wasted. The synthetic fertilizer loss can not only cost growers between $50 and $85 per acre, but when fertilizer is not fully utilized by crops, it can be lost from fields and negatively impact surrounding air and water quality.

Additionally, recent studies from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, show that corn gets two-thirds of its nitrogen from the soil, not synthetic fertilizer, which requires a healthy, active microbiome. SOURCE is a microbiome activator that helps crops access a more efficient source of nitrogen and phosphorus. A foliar application of SOURCE provides 25 lbs of nitrogen and phosphorus and enhances micronutrient uptake by stimulating beneficial microbes in the soil. 

Over the past decades, the use of synthetic fertilizer has caused microbes to go dormant, resulting in limited nutrient uptake when fertilizer runs out due to leaching, tie up, or other issues,” Fitzgerald said. Using SOURCE ignites the natural exchange between plants and the soil microbiome to improve nutrient uptake and crop vitality.”

SOURCE mimics a plant-to-microbe signal that creates a symbiotic relationship with nitrogen fixing bacteria and phosphate solubilizing microbes. Through this exchange, plants fuel the microbes with sugars, and the microbes turn stored nitrogen and phosphorus into a form plants can use.

With Sound Agriculture’s fertilizer replacement guarantee, growers who have a nutrient use efficiency score of 0.95 or higher can use SOURCE to decrease 25 lbs of nitrogen and/​or 25 lbs of phosphorus without losing yield, or they will receive cash back.* Using SOURCE allows growers to lower input costs, save time, and improve soil and plant vitality, while avoiding the negative water and climate impacts of synthetic fertilizer. 

To learn more, go to sound.ag or visit booth 924 at Farm Progress Show or booth 760 at Husker Harvest Days, where attendees can try the new SOURCE Soil Explorer VR Experience and growers can lock in the best price of the season on SOURCE.

*Restrictions apply.