Sound Agriculture Secures Winfield® United BioVerified™ Designation

EMERYVILLE, Calif. (February 23, 2024) — Sound Agriculture, a leading agtech company developing science-based solutions to fuel sustainable crop production, announced that its flagship product, SOURCE® DC, has secured a position in WinField® United’s BioVerfied™ program. The BioVerfied Designation was developed to help growers and ag dealers recognize products that are recommended based on WinField United’s highly rigorous screening process.

As part of the BioVerified program, growers and dealers can gain confidence knowing that SOURCE DC has been thoroughly vetted by Winfield United’s agronomy team. Chosen products fill a need in the marketplace, offer a differentiated value, and comply with four key criteria:

  • Uniqueness when compared to other available products
  • Agronomics, including known mode of action, performance and placement
  • Operational alignment and ease of use with farming standard practices
  • Economics showing that the product provides a clear return on investment (ROI)

The addition of SOURCE to WinField United’s portfolio aligns with the company’s focus on helping retail owners and farmers implement modern farming practices that allow them to grow more food more efficiently. SOURCE stimulates over 200 species of microbes commonly found in the soil, providing the equivalent of at least 25 lbs of nitrogen and 25 lbs of phosphorus, along with access to more micronutrients at the rootzone. Using SOURCE can save growers more than $40 per acre and reduce the negative impact of too much fertilizer on greenhouse gas emissions, water quality and soil health.

We’re excited to work with WinField® United as our first ever national distributor to provide more growers access to SOURCE and expand our market footprint,” said Adam Litle, CEO, Sound Agriculture. SOURCE fits perfectly with WinField® United’s BioVerified program, and can serve as a pillar of their environmental stewardship efforts.”

SOURCE also ties in directly with the Nitrogen Management Program from Truterra®, the ag and food sustainability arm of Land O’Lakes. This program allows growers to get paid to reduce at least 20 lbs of applied nitrogen in IL, IN, OH and KY, while using SOURCE to maintain or increase yield despite that reduction. This enables growers to make more money with Truterra’s incentive in addition to the resulting fertilizer cost savings, with fewer nitrates leaching into local watersheds and less volatilization of nitrous oxide into the air.

SOURCE was launched commercially in 2020 and used on over 1.5M acres by 2023, quickly establishing itself as one of the leading nutrient efficiency solutions in the US. Sound Agriculture’s products are currently sold by more than 250 dealers throughout the US, with additional distribution through the Winfield® United network.

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