Sound Agriculture welcomes Dan Jacques as Vice President, Business Development

EMERYVILLE, Calif. (July 8, 2020) – Sound Agriculture is pleased to announce the addition of Dan Jacques as VP, Business Development. He brings a depth of experience leading agtech companies focused on both consumer food and agriculture, and is primed to expand commercial opportunities for the company’s on-demand crop solutions that lead to healthier, tastier and more sustainable food.

Jacques joins from Indigo where he oversaw licensing and technology partnerships, securing key relationships with academic research institutions around the globe and assessing best-in-class microbial technologies for the company’s go-to-market platform. Prior, he led business development for Crop Enhancement’s plant-based crop protection technologies centered on cacao, coffee and citrus. While there, he successfully launched an instrumental program with Cargill to support sustainability objectives on cocoa farms. He also held a senior business development position at DuraFizz, an early stage company focused on science-based food technologies.

Sound is doing extremely innovative work that has a huge upside across food production,” said Dan Jacques, VP Business Development at Sound Agriculture. The next-generation breeding platform is especially exciting, as it evolves traits in a matter of months instead of years without genetic modification. I’m thrilled to be able to help drive the evolution of this platform, along with the entire range of products supporting land sustainability, food quality and grower livelihood.”

Dan brings a full spectrum of experience that will benefit the growth of our platforms targeting the consumer food and agriculture industries,” said Adam Litle, Chief Executive Officer at Sound Agriculture. With our focus on both chemistry and biotechnology, having an experienced leader who understands the science, as well as food and agriculture, is rare and puts us in a great position to expand our offering.”

Sound develops innovative crop solutions that unleash the natural power of plants, helping growers produce crops with fewer resources and providing consumers with access to better food. The company’s first commercial product, SOURCE™, was launched in 2019 to unlock nitrogen and phosphorus in the soil, supporting plant and soil health, and on-farm productivity. By harnessing existing nutrients in the field, SOURCE provides an average corn yield increase of 8 – 10 bushels per acre without requiring more fertilizer. Additional products will support the efficient use of other natural resources, allowing growers to maintain profitability while improving the environment.

About Sound Agriculture

Sound Agriculture unlocks the natural power of plants to meet the demands for more diverse and nutritious food. Innovative, on-demand crop solutions allow agriculture to adapt faster to climate change and evolving consumer preferences, creating healthier food that is better for the planet. Products are designed to improve on-farm efficiency and create healthier, tastier, more sustainable food. Learn more at and follow @sound_ag on Twitter.