Lamb Farms, Inc.

Janette Veazey-Pos

Janette Veazey-Post is a partner at Lamb Farms, Inc., a dairy farm owned and operated by 2 families. With 3 dairy farms located in Western New York and one located in Western Ohio, Janette manages their 13,000 acres growing
mostly corn and alfalfa to feed their dairies. Following her childhood on the farm and two years off the farm, she returned home where she found her passion for producing high-quality feed in an environmentally friendly manner. She and her team have participated in planting green trials and other pilot programs to continue to help the farm progress and succeed as it continues to grow. She is a firm believer that soil health, sustainability and technology are key factors to get more out of every acre while protecting the waterways.

Janette currently serves on the Genesee County Farmland Protection Board and was a board member at the startup of the Western New York Soil Health Alliance. Janette is married to her husband Jeff, and they have a son, Mitchel.