Wake up your soil with SOURCE. It works with the microbes you’ve already got in your soil and the equipment you already use. Use SOURCE to provide 25 lbs of nitrogen and 25 lbs of phosphorus for improved nutrient uptake.

It’s like caffeine for microbes.

SOURCE provides 25 lbs of N and P

at half the cost

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    First of its kind foliar-applied microbiome activator that helps you get more nitrogen and phosphorus from your soil.


    With a low use rate, SOURCE can be added to a tank mix alongside herbicides or fungicides.


    Use to boost yield or reduce nitrogen application with confidence. Learn more about our Performance Guarantee.

Microbes in Action

See how SOURCE works beneath the soil

Field Trials 1

Reduce nitrogen without impacting yield


SOURCE effectively tackles nitrogen deficiencies in plant tissues, boosting nitrogen content by over 15% in environments without sufficient N. Thanks to the microbes activated by SOURCE, crops consistently receive the necessary nitrogen all season long.

Chart phosphorus reduction 042623

Reduce phosphorus without impacting yield


SOURCE activates phosphorus solubilizing soil microbes, allowing growers replace 25 pounds of phosphorus while maintaining yield. The data shows the average SOURCE yield effect in small plot trials. 

Chart nutrient increase

Increase access to 11 key micronutrients


Using data from 319 fields in 24 states, tissue tests across multiple seasons show that SOURCE helps improve nutrient levels, especially where crops are experiencing nutrient stress. The extra N+P provided by SOURCE increases root mass, which leads to enhanced uptake of multiple macro and micro nutrients.

So much to gain, nothing to lose

SOURCE works, and we stand by it. That’s why we lead the pack with the industry’s strongest guarantees. You’ll make your money back, or we’ll pay you back.

Yield Performance Guarantee

When you buy and apply 500 ac of SOURCE, you will achieve a return on investment equal to or greater than the price of the product or we will refund the difference. *

Fertilizer Replacement Guarantee

Limit risk when using SOURCE to replace nitrogen and phosphorus. For qualifying corn growers, you will maintain yield or we will reimburse you up to $100 per acre. *

*Restrictions apply. See full program details for requirements

See what crops qualify
  • Corn

    Fertilizer Replacement Guarantee

    Yield Performance Guarantee

  • Soybeans

    Yield Performance Guarantee

  • Cotton

    Yield Performance Guarantee

The science

Improving nutrient use efficiency through biochemistry

Plants and microbes behave symbiotically – microbes provide plants with N&P and in exchange the plant feeds the microbes.

SOURCE mimics a signal that attracts microbes to plants. More microbes means more opportunity for nutrient exchange.

Plants create exudates to feed microbes in natural systems. However, synthetic nitrogen weakens that connection and plants are not able to access the nutrients they need.

SOURCE helps restore the natural connection between plant and microbe again. In doing so plants are able to access the nutrients they need when they need it.

Microbes produce enzymes that transform phosphorus into a form that is digestible by plants.

SOURCE replicates that chemical signal, causing the microbes to increase activity and deliver more digestible phosphorus to the root mass.

Voices you can trust

Hear from growers in your region


I’m tickled to death. Conditions were tough, especially in June, and SOURCE seemed to bring my corn back to life. With what I witnessed, along with the projected fertilizer prices, I’ll be applying SOURCE next year. It’ll be a must.”

Sunny S. Maryland

On the SOURCE soybeans we could see an increase in N in our tissue samples which really helped additional nodulation. It was safe to apply on the plants and a great tank mix partner.”

Chris W. Maryland


Using SOURCE gave a +3 bushel lift on corn even with poor growing conditions, most consistent product we tested all year.”

Verell Farms Tennessee

I used 4,000 acres of the soybean product and saw good yield. I’m putting SOURCE on all of my acres for the 2023 season!”

Brad C. Tennessee

Eastern Corn Belt

SOURCE worked great on our farm. Saved us $45 worth of 32% and increased our yields by 4 bushels at the same time.”

Nick B. Illinois

We did aerial application on our corn and the SOURCE fields did at least 1lb better in test weight. That ended up being an average increase of about 8 bu/​ac. Next year we’ll be using SOURCE again, but we’ll be reducing our nitrogen.”

Larry K. Illinois

All corn acres had SOURCE. Best harvest yet: 245/​bu per acre! Average historically has been 220 – 225.”

Jeff S. Indiana

Red River Valley & Great Lakes

I could see exactly where I applied SOURCE Corn all year long. Greener plants and bigger ears were obvious. It was a lot of fun combining through my SOURCE trial.”

Chris S. North Dakota

A few days after I sprayed my beans; I have never seen so many flowers! I was blown away!”

Jeremy F. North Dakota

Once the beans started to fill their pods, the difference was very apparent. Greener beans and fuller pods all around!”

Brent G. South Dakota

Western Corn Belt

The stand was perfect in our fields that had SOURCE applied to them. That alone is worth its weight in gold for us.”

Ron S. Iowa

I used SOURCE on 30% of my corn and bean acres in 2022. The fields I applied SOURCE to were my highest yielding fields.”

Scott T. Kansas

Western U.S.

This stuff needs to be on EVERY corn acre in the valley, It’s that good.”

David B. Washington


As a grower, I’m most concerned about increasing lbs of lint per acre. That’s where SOURCE provided a big return”

Sean H. Texas

Could not have expected much more considering the year. By reducing the fertility program, we were able to produce hay we could afford. We had a circle we carried 110 pairs on for most of the Summer with only an application of SOURCE. It looked good through the Summer. We applied 80 lbs of 46 – 0‑0 trying to perk it up for the Fall. It has responded well, nice and green.”

Brandon H. Oklahoma


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